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Solver Innovation Manager

Ideas are answers to your organisation's call for innovation. They can start simply, and then be built upon by your colleagues and advanced through the graduation process to become realised.  

Anyone in your organisation can add an idea to Solverboard. 

We strongly suggest that ideas align to your organisation's goals so that they can be noticed quickly by your Innovation Team, but you can of course post ideas relating to something else at your organisation, or in the wider community.

Our create process steps you through this and lets you choose one or more goals or subgoals that you believe it could solve.

When activity happens on an idea, such as commenting, the activity score increases, which in turn makes it more visible to your Innovation Team. The team then reviews ideas, taking the viable ones through to the next stage: Tests.

Over time, we'll be building more features to help you feel connected to what's happening on your Solverboard, see ideas gaining traction, and allow you to display and share your successes. (You can suggest your own in our feature request forums.)


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