Innovation Manager & Expert Reviewers


This article explains how to conduct an expert review to support the graduation process.


Sovlerboard provides for an optional independent assessment of the opportunity in the form of using organisation subject matter experts to review assumption and experimentation results from the opportunity team.



Step 1: Check individual workspace for review tasks

Step 2: Click on Opportunity to review

Step 3: Select the ‘Expert Review’ tab

Step 4: Click on your assigned card.

Step 5: Review all relevant assumptions matched against your expertise

Step 6: Optionally, explore the results of all assumptions and experiments

Step 7: Analyse how the results of experimentation have informed their financial model.

Step 8: Draw conclusions of your assessment with regard to your area of expertise.

Step 9: Provide an overall score of the opportunity

Step 10: Update your review status to Validated or Rejected.