The purpose of the Planning Phase is to provide a detailed understanding of the project scope, objectives, and how this translates into workable plans to achieve successful delivery of the project. Often starting with lots of assumptions, the process of definition and planning is iterative until understanding is optimised, and any uncertainty reduced to a tolerable level. The outcome of the Planning Phase is a more refined view of the project approach and expected benefits, meaning a more honed business case and investment appraisal. Should it still stack up, the project can go-live and work can commence.

Planning phase diagram

  1. Define and describe the project.
  2. Plan the project.
  3. Identify and assess risk, opportunities, issues, stakeholders and lessons learned.
  4. Identify and evaluate financial and non-financial benefits. Verify the business case. 
  5. Repeat the process until all assumptions are acceptable and project understanding optimised.
  6. Click the 'Make Live' button to launch the project and commence Stage 1.

Congratulations, your project is launched!

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