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Solver Innovation Manager

Posting an idea on Solverboard is simple – just head to the Feed or Ideaboard pages and follow the steps:  

  1. Click the ‘Create an idea’ button 
  2. Give your idea a name 
  3. Provide more detailed information in the description field - this is what others will use to review your idea, so make sure it includes enough detail 
  4. Select your organisation's goals and subgoals that this idea aligns with
  5. Optionally add a banner image 
  6. Add any relevant files for further information e.g. PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets etc. 
  7. Click ‘Publish’. 

Your idea will then appear on your organisation’s Ideaboard and in your feed. You’ll be notified when anyone follows or comments on your idea and your innovation team will let you know what they think of it when it comes time to assess it! 

Animation showing creating an idea on Solverboard

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