This article explains how to create an opportunity and define it using vision statements and further information.


An Opportunity is an idea worthy of further exploration that is either an idea, or idea theme, graduated from your Ideaboard in response to a goal or spontaneously created and decided by the organisation to pursue further. Either way the purpose of an opportunity is to examine, test and validate its value as a credible innovation Option.


Step by Step


Step 0: Click the PLUS sign and select Opportunity (if not graduating from an idea)

Step 1: Name the opportunity.

Step 2: Create the vision statement. Produce a sentence to explain and envision the future benefit this opportunity is anticipated to bring.

Step 3: Provide more detailed information in the detailed description field.

Step 4: Categorise the opportunity to:

  • Your organisational goals
  • Innovation Type (such product, service or business model)
  • Innovation Ambition (such as Horizon 123 or core, adjacent and transformative)
  • Any custom tags (optional)

Step 5: Optionally add an image background or colour scheme to attract interest in the opportunity.

Step 6: Add any relevant files for further information.

Step 7: Build your Opportunity team. Add team members to the opportunity to explore, test and review the opportunity in more depth.


The creation of an opportunity with categories, team members and vision statement.



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