In the purest sense, innovation is a linear process where ideas transform into an end outcome to create value. However, the journey to achieving the end is anything but linear with innovation being the culmination of creativity, discovery, failure, learning, feedback and lots and lots of iteration.

A successful innovation framework needs to balance this mix of chaos and structure, creativity and logic and both linear and non-linear pathways whilst remaining focused on the end outcome.

Our beta release of Solverboard provides a strategy-driven end to end workflow to innovating. In preparedness for our main launch, we introduced innovation pathways at the end of 2019, enabling you to both launch innovation initiatives as a result of tactical and spontaneous needs and then manage through the most appropriate pathway to suit the task in hand.

As an Innovation Team, this means you can jump straight into creating tests, options and projects without having to start with an idea and graduate it through the process.

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