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Solver Innovation Manager

Solverboard is an all-in-one innovation management platform. Before you get started, take a moment to watch our quick intro video.

Why not start by...?

Viewing your organisation's Strategy page

Your organisation will add goals and subgoals that you are collectively working towards on your Solverboard's Strategy page.

Posting an idea

As a Solver, you can post ideas to your organisation's Solverboard to help to address a business need or objective, or even just something you want to see implemented.

At any time, you can head to the Ideaboard or the Feed page to add an idea you've had. You'll get notified when your organisation's Platform Manager or Innovation Manager progresses your idea to the next stage (we call this "graduation").

You can also get in-platform feedback from your colleagues and see the activity score your idea has. It will gain activity points when other users comment and follow it.

Checking out the help centre

If you need a quick reminder of the basics, click the question mark in the top-right corner of your Solverboard anytime. To read more, including best practice and how-to guides, browse this help centre. And if you get stuck or simply want to give us some feedback on the platform, use the "Support" and "Help us improve" buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of your Solverboard.

Stuck? Want to talk to us?

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