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Solver Innovation Manager

Solverboard is an all-in-one innovation management platform. Before you get started, take a moment to watch our quick intro video.

Solverboard gives your Innovation team the confidence and assurance that you’re delivering on your innovation objectives as an organisation.

Each innovation process is a module, and each module has its own board. The boards help you to visually track, manage and progress your initiatives – hence the name, Solverboard.

Each innovation initiative, whether it is the spark of an idea or a validated option to develop, progresses through Solverboard through our process of graduation.

Why not start by...?

Reviewing your Strategy page

Your Strategy page may have already been set up for you with your vision, mission and innovation strategy, but if not, get in touch, and we'll help you to do this.

Adding goals & subgoals

Again, these may have been added during your set-up, but you can always edit or add to them. Read how to add goals or best practice about setting effective goals.

Visiting the Ideaboard

If you've already got Solvers on the platform, or if we've done an import for you during your set-up phase, then you may already have ideas to review. Familiarise yourself with this process by reading our introduction to ideas and how to graduate an idea to a test.

Checking out the help centre

If you need a quick reminder of the basics, click the question mark in the top-right corner of your Solverboard anytime. Help and best practice articles about Solverboard can be found right here in the help centre. 

Stuck? Want to talk to us?

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