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We've designed Solverboard to be 'project methodology agnostic' and customisable to your preferred way of project management. Solverboard Projects manages projects in the following three management dimensions:

Project Direction

Approving and launching a project. Management of stages and the tracking of the project to its business case.

Project Management

Definition, planning, managing the environment and the day-to-day running of the project, with the concept of releases to focus the realisation of early benefits and learnings.

Project Work

Enables project managers to have a single workspace to aggregate all project work from multiple teams using multiple platforms; giving project managers a single point of truth while allowing project teams the flexibility to deliver in their preferred way. 

This means that different teams on a project can use their preferred methodology. Whether agile, waterfall or other approaches, the platform tracks the progress of all work items, enabling you to stay informed of the status, from all delivery teams, in one central location.

Our approach has been to build a blend of traditional and agile methods, providing organisation governance and alignment at one end and autonomy and agility at the other. The following diagram illustrates and brings this concept together.

A diagram showing project structure

The structure of direction, management and work providing a blend of approaches and benefits on Solverboard Projects

The principle of Releases underpins this model. Releases are milestones set by the project team used to make sure something of value gets to the end-user as soon as possible. The planning and management of releases help to make sure customer feedback and learning remains continual throughout the project. This way, the project can remain flexible, agile and adjust to maximise the value of benefits realised. Release milestones provide focus and through work packages enable the coordination of multiple team’s work into a single product of value. 

Solverboard has three platform phases for managing projects:

These phases help you to create, define, mobilise, and close projects; tracking results all the way through to assure alignment to your business objectives. These platform phases are in addition to your organisation's defined project framework and lifecycle that are customised using stages in the Live Phase of Solverboard.

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