Solverboard uses a broad set of project methods and processes in all three phases of the platform’s project lifecycle to help you manage your project confidently with the focus of the realisation of benefits in mind. 

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Project Management

Project Definition - define your project scope, objectives, success criteria, team, and delivery approach in accordance and customisable with your organisation's project management framework.


Project Planning & Budgeting - Create a top-level plan, timebox the stages, plan your release strategy and define work packages to get your team(s) going to work. Estimate the resources required and prepare your project budget.


Develop the Business Case, Manage the Benefits - Envision the future your project will deliver, define your business model, describe the business benefits, and create the business case. Assess the investment appraisal feeding ROI (Return on Investment) and NPV (Net Present Value) into the portfolio analyser. Track and manage business benefits to realisation. 


Releases - Releases are milestones set by the project team used to make sure something of value gets to the end-user as soon as possible to ensure the earliest realisation of benefits and feedback.


Stakeholder Management - Identify and continually assess stakeholders' interest level, needs, influence, and feeling towards the project. Develop and action communication and engagement plans so they keep positively minded about your project and do what they can to make it successful.


Issue Management - Raise project issues, prioritise and identify action remedies to reduce the impact on the project.


Risk Management - Capture and assess risks. Develop response plans and action your team to reduce risk on your projects. 


Opportunity Management - Identify opportunities that could enhance what the project is delivering, then develop action plans to help make it happen.


Learning - Solverboard is built on the principle of continual learning, and this is especially true when delivering projects. So, we've made it easy to capture and share learnings throughout; allowing each future project to be that bit better helping to put you ahead of your competition.


Project Work

Task and Assignment Management - Solverboard Projects allows you to filter and track tasks and any assignments, such as issues, risk and stakeholders etc, at the team and individual level.  


Work & Integrations - Solverboard Projects is built to integrate with leading project software, which will allow teams to work with the tools they're most comfortable with while providing status updates back into the top-level plan and a coordinated workspace of Solverboard. You can also task directly through Solverboard.

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Project Direction

Manage the Stages - Providing organisational governance and assurance; Solverboard enables you to flow the project through your own lifecycle framework, using stage reviews to assess the project health and performance against its objectives making sure the business case remains sound.


Stage-Gate Reviews  Solverboard allows you to schedule, prepare and conduct your stage-gate reviews in the platform capturing all key decisions, actions and recording the outcome.

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