A project can be created in two ways on Solverboard:

  1. As part of the graduation and pathways process (See Innovation Pathways)
  2. Through the Projectboard create button. 

The graduation and pathways process is discussed in a separate article and joins this process at step 2 below.

For now, let's look at option 2.

Step by step

An image of the Project feed page

  1. Head to the Projectboard (click Projects in the left hand menu)

  2. Click the 'Create a project' button (shown here - top right)

  3. The creation wizard will now take you through a series of steps. Start by giving your project a name.

    An image of the Project create screen
  4. Next provide an overview of your project, highlighting key objectives and why this project has come about; this will become your executive summary.

  5. Now add your project team. Team members will get notified to join the project. You can add people at any time on the project, so don't worry if you don't know who is going to be working on the project just yet.
  6. Select the goals aligned with this project; this is important as it drives the portfolio analysis. You can select more than one goal but try to be strict and select those only that it positively contributes.

  7. Categorise the project to innovation type, ambition and horizon 123 to provide further portfolio analysis

  8. Upload a banner image to represent your project visually

  9. Observe suggested next steps and click publish to complete creating your project.

Congratulations, you have created a Project on Solverboard!

Next: Defining and planning a project (Planning Phase)

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