At the end of the Live Phase, the project would have delivered its objectives, any product(s) and disbanded its project team. The project team, using releases throughout, would have captured early realisation of benefits throughout the project. Even though at this point the project is deemed complete, it may have only delivered an output. A capability and the full realisable outcome of the project could be some time in the future.

Diagram of the Realising PhaseThe Realising Phase on Solverboard considers this point.


It provides a mechanism to continually track the expected benefits of the project. At the end of the Realising Phase, the true success of the project will be assessed, learnings captured, and the project is then Closed.

  1. Continually update the achievement of benefits realised until the outcome meets or exceeds expectation or the investment period has elapsed. Following sub-processes:
    • Estimating and tracking Financial Projections (financial benefits)
    • Creating and managing Non-financial Benefits
  2. Follow the Stage Review process to conduct the project closeout review ensuring all learnings have been captured and disseminated.
  3. Prepare to Close down the project.

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