There are several different themes or factors that can have either a positive or negative impact on a project. Identifying, assessing and managing these factors is a continual activity throughout the management of a project. Solverboard helps you do this by allowing you to capture, evaluate and track all in one place.

The different factors that can impact a project are:

  • Issue

    An issue is something that is currently having a negative impact on the project and should be prioritised to be resolved.

  • Risk

    A risk is a threat that could have a negative impact on the project. These should be evaluated and prioritised to reduce probability or impact. 

In the planning stages of a project, a lot of assumptions will be made in defining and constructing a project plan. As planning matures, these assumptions should be included within the baseline plan, where this is not possible, they should be transferred as a risk.


  • Opportunities

    Project terminology convention categorises an opportunity as a risk but we’ve kept it separate from risk to help provide focus. An opportunity is something that could have a positive impact on a project. Like a threat, these are not resourced in the baseline plan of a project. To be taken advantage of, they may need to be resourced through change and the ability to identify and assess enables for an informed decision whether to do so or not.

  • Stakeholders

    A stakeholder is anyone, group or organisation that could have an interest or be influenced by the project. Management of stakeholders is essential throughout the project as they are a source of requirement, feedback and their views ultimately influence the perceived success of the project.

  • Lessons

    A project is a unique endeavour full of risk and uncertainty. In planning a project, it is therefore vital to evaluate the learnings of other projects to help avoid past mistakes. Throughout the project, capturing and sharing your learnings helps to ensure you continually drive improvement in how you execute your project and to support community learning so other projects can benefit from your experiences.

Image showing the Monitor tab

Adding these to your project is easy. Within your project, click on the ‘Monitor’ tab, and then choose the relevant tab underneath it. Each guide is also linked to above.


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