Solverboard allows you to schedule, convene and administer stage-gate reviews in the platform allowing immediate project governance, capturing decisions, actions and the Project Board approval to proceed, suspend or terminate the project.

Create and schedule a Stage Review


  1. Within your project under the Plan tab, click on the live stage.

  2. Click on the bottom bar ‘Stage Review’.

  3. Click the pencil edit icon to create your stage review.

  4. Schedule the date and time for your review.

  5. Image showing stage review pageInvite attendees.
  6. Explain the purpose of the meeting.

  7. Define your agenda.

  8. Click the 'Save’ button on the top bar to save your changes – your attendees will now be notified.

To prepare content for your Stage Review

Solverboard allows you to use project information to prepare a Stage End Report for presentation in the Stage Review.

  1. Click the pencil edit icon to edit your Stage Review.

  2. Scroll down to the Stage End Report.

  3. Image showing choosing sections for stage end reportStage Status Summary. Provide a summary of the stage progress highlighting critical success, failures and a health check statement of the continuing ability of the project to meet its objectives and underpinning business case.

    This summary should also draw out critical risk, issues and other aspects required to be considered by the Project Board to support an informed decision for stage approval to proceed.

  4. Optional sections are where you can add other parts to your Stage End Report, that will form the discussion of your Stage Review, including:
    • Status of project success criteria.
    • Progress Review – summary of work completed in the stage.
    • Financial Analysis – summary of the project cost and predicted financial benefits with investment appraisal metrics.
    • Status of non-financial benefits
    • Status of issues in the period
    • Status of risks in the period
    • Status of opportunities in the period
    • Status of lessons in the period
  5. Add any other documents as attachments that you wish to share with the meeting participants.

  6. Click the 'Save’ button on the top bar to save your changes.

  7. Optional, if you wish to share this content in advance with your meeting participants then switch the share meeting details toggle button to ‘Share’ and your participants will be notified.

Conducting your Stage Review

  1. Click ‘Start Meeting’ at the bottom of the page to commence the Stage Review.

  2. Work through your agenda items and the Stage End Report.

  3. Add any actions that arise in the meeting.

  4. Capture key decisions in the decision text box. Click the save button to save your changes.

  5. Select your Project Board decision outcome. Options are:
    • Go – the project proceeds to the next stage.
    • Go with actions – the project proceeds to the next stage with actions that must be cleared down within an agreed timeframe.
    • No Go – the project stays in the current stage, with an agreed re-sit date to the stage review and an extension to stage end date.
    • Stop the project – the project is suspended and archived as it is no longer consider viable.

  6. Confirm your choice and follow any relevant instructions.

The Stage Review decision is captured, documented and is available via accessing the Stage card.

You can also add any additional documents to make sure all your project documentation and governance is recorded and stored in one place.

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