A work package is an agreed specification of work that contributes to the creation of a project’s product; this can be as either part of a stage or a release deployment. 

The work package allows for agreement between the Project Manager and Team Leader on scope, time-box and definition of done while allowing autonomy for the Team Leader, and their team, to plan how the work will be produced. 

A work package on Solverboard can be managed directly as work items (tasks) scheduled onto Solverboard or via integrations to other leading project task management platforms (coming soon).

Step by step

Head to your stage or release, and do the following:

  1. Click the add work package button.

  2. Click the edit icon to enter edit mode.

  3. Set the start and end date of the work package.

  4. Set the appropriate status.

  5. Assign an Owner – the person best placed to manage this successfully.

  6. Describe the purpose of the work package.

  7. Detail out the specific features or products of the work package.

  8. (Optional) Add your acceptance criteria

  9. (Optional) Add any acceptable tolerances on the deliverables.

  10. (Optional) Add any other relevant references to support the successful completion of this work package.

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