A Work Item is a specific task or event to create project output. These can be created, managed in and tracked directly in Solverboard or linked to your preferred task management tool at a project, epic or story level depending on the level of granularity you wish to track through to Solverboard.

Step by step

  1. While in a stage or release, click the relevant work package that you wish to add a work item.
  2. Click add work item.

  3. Set the ‘Location’; this refers to the location where you wish to manage this work item. This can be on Solverboard or via integration with another project tasking platform (in our beta this is currently Jira so please let us know via feedback other integrations you would like).

  4. Set the location as a ‘Solverboard Item’.

  5. Give the work item a title.

  6. Describe the work item; this can be at any level you require whether an epic, story, task or event. If you’re using it for stories, we recommend using the “As a [role] I want [capability], so that [receive benefit]>” convention.
  7. Describe the acceptance criteria that the work item must achieve.
  8. Define a date range in which this work item is required to be completed.

  9. Assign an owner – the person best placed to manage this successfully.

  10. (Optional) Add any other relevant references to support the successful completion of this work item.

  11. (Optional) Select ‘Create another’ to repeat the process.

  12. Click ‘Save’ to save this work item and/or activate the creation of another one.

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