The purpose of the Planning Phase is to define the objectives of the test and then establish a test team that can then go on to explore and create more a detailed set of assumptions to be tested. 

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  1. Envision the Opportunity. Explain the potential of this opportunity and what future benefit it could offer. This is completed as part of the test creation process; if you wish to edit this then click on the red edit circle button and amend the description field.
  2. Create your Hypothesis  Click on the ‘Hypothesis’ tab and follow the sub-process.
  3. Assign an Innovation Manager to support and champion the Test. Click the Innovation Manager avatar and select the desired user.
  4. Assign a Test Owner to lead the test in the planning and testing phases. Click the Test Owner avatar and select the desired user.
  5. Form your Test Team. Click on the ‘Explore’ tab and follow the sub-process.
  6. State your assumptions. Breakdown your guiding hypothesis into a more detailed set of assumptions that can be measured. Click on the ‘Add assumption’ and follow the sub-process.
  7. Design your experiments.  In the relevant assumption, click ‘Add an experiment’ and follow the sub-process.
  8. Once you begin testing, and update your first experiment to the status of ‘in progress’ the Test will automatically move into the Testing Phase. In the Testing Phase you can continue to add more assumptions and experiments as required.

Congratulations, your test is live!

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