Image showing the validation phase

The Validation Phase process cycle on Solverboard Tests, providing a blend of approaches and benefits.

The purpose of the Validation Phase is to assess the test team’s results, evaluations and recommendation to decide whether to graduate the opportunity to an option or launch as a project.

Optionally, the innovation management team may call upon subject matter experts from within the business to bring domain expertise to the validation assessment to support graduation decision making. 


  1. Go to the ‘Validation’ tab.

  2. Invite subject matter experts to independently assess the test team’s results and recommendations – follow sub-process.

  3. Experts conduct their review and then score in their area of expertise, being:
    1. technical feasibility
    2. customer desirability
    3. business model viability
  4. Strategic alignment. Select the goals aligned with this test; this is important as it drives the portfolio analysis. You can select more than one goal but try to be strict and select those only that it positively contributes.

  5. Categorise the test to innovation type, ambition and horizon 123 to provide further portfolio analysis.

  6. Capture any additional lessons learned.

  7. Innovation Manager reviews, closing summary and appraisal. Conduct review, click the edit icon, complete closing summary and recommendation providing the overall score and then save.

  8. Graduate. Based on the expert review and your appraisal decide whether to graduate this opportunity to an option, project or archive as not viable at this time. Follow sub-process.

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