We call the process of progressing an initiative through Solverboard 'Graduation'. 


A Test is ready for validation review once the test team have completed their exploration and testing. At this point, the test team, having evaluated their results and made their recommendations, handover the test to the innovation team for validation review and graduation. The innovation team can optionally use domain expertise in the business to help verify the test team’s analysis supporting the graduation decision (recommended for complex opportunities). 



This article explains how to review, assess and decide whether a test is viable or not. Viable tests are graduated to an option state. 



 Step by Step


  1. Start the review. Click the ‘Validation’ tab.
  2. (Optional) Assign experts to review their area of expertise.

  3. Conduct the expert review. The expert review is assessed against three themes of Customer Desirability, Technical Feasibility and Business Model Viability. Score each of these 1-10, 10 being of high significance.

  4. Strategic goal alignment. Use the score slider to assess the Test against your goals to get an indication of the Test's strategic alignment. Score 1 for minimal alignment and 10 for significant. If there are sub-goals score these. The platform will take the maximum score across all goals to be used in the overall idea score.

  5. Learnings (optional). Capture any additional learnings from the review.

  6. Summary statement. Prepare a summary statement and an overall score for the Test.

  7. Review the assessment summary and when ready press the ‘Graduate’ button on the top bar.

  8. Process. Finally, decide whether to archive or graduate this Test as an Option. If you choose to archive the Test then it is removed from the Testboard but remains accessible from search.
  9. Graduate. If you decide to graduate then select the next destination in this initiatives pathway it will proceed to. For a Test, this will either be an Option, a Project or passed externally to be managed as business as usual.
  10. Confirm your choice and Solverboard will guide you through the next steps. 

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