Take a look at how Project Phases & Stages works here

As a Platform Owner, one of the first things you may wish to do is to set up your Project Stages depending on how your organisation typically runs projects. 

As standard, Projects feature three phases (you can read more about them on the link above):

  1. Planning phase
  2. Live phase
  3. Realising phase

1. Planning phase, sometimes called Discovery is for the setting up and data gathering activity for your new project. After you mark this as complete by clicking the Make Live button on your project, you will automatically start the Live phase.

2. Live phase is where the project work happens and features your customised stages.

3. Once you've marked all Live phase stages as Complete, you'll have the opportunity to hold a Realising Phase review meeting and your project transitions to the Realising phase.

Head to your Stages page within settings (yourorganisation.solverboard.app/settings/stages) to create, edit and confirm your Live phase stages.

When you are happy with your stages, choose Confirm and they will be used on all Projects moving forward.

Warning: Once set, your Live phase Stages can no longer be changed. This is because of the intrinsic link to Analytics, and all projects need to use the same stages. 

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