Signing up

Signing up is easy! Start by choosing a name for your new Solverboard e.g. (You can also choose a custom address so it's different from your organisation name if you wish.)

Then fill in your information and we'll send you a verification email. 

Simply click the link in your email, and you'll be directed to choose a plan. You can try Teams and Business for free for one month and we'll continue your plan after your month unless you choose to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan.

You can choose the free Ideaboard plan if you want to get started with idea creation straight away. 

There's more information on our Plans and Pricing here.

Want our Enterprise plan or something more custom? We'd be happy to help.

When you've given us your organisation's info, we'll spin up your platform for you and send you an email when it's done.

That's it! You're now the Platform Owner of a brand new Solverboard.

You may also want to read the Quickstart guide for Platform Owners

What is a Platform Owner?

By starting this sign-up process on Solverboard, you are the Platform Owner and will be able to manage billing, add/remove user seats and administer your organisation's Solverboard. You can reallocate this role to another user once you've set up your Solverboard.

Stuck? Want to talk to us?

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