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- For Platform Owners / Innovation Managers
- For Professional Standard users

A test is an idea worthy of further exploration that is either an idea, or idea cluster, graduated from your Ideaboard in response to a goal, or spontaneously created and decided by the organisation to pursue further.


The purpose of this stage is to examine, experiment and validate the test as a credible innovation option.

To create a test from scratch:


Step by step


  1. Head to the Tests page (Testboard).
  2. Click the "Create a test" button in the top right corner.
  3. Name your test and add further detail.
  4. Build your testing team. Add team members to the test to explore, experiment on, and review in more depth.
  5. Optionally categorise the test with:
    • Your organisational goals
    • Innovation Ambition and/or Horizons 123
    • Innovation Type (such product, service, business model etc.)
  6. Optionally add a banner image.
  7. Add any relevant files for further information.
  8. Publish your test.

Your test is now ready for evaluating!

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